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Bio im omochi i used to draw alot of doyoung and taedo now i am lazy
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Android : DED #bIm dDEDDDDDD I MISS U (HEHE im always stalking u tho LndbsnsjsNDNDJSKSK) HEEEHEE... no no i shall thank YOU. thank u for giving light in the taedo drought im luv u (i am just chillin!! hehehe ARE U DOIN WELL THO 😠😠😠😠)

Android : ななお なおさんお久しぶりだね!!

Android : SuperM The 1st Album [Super One]

‘One (Monster & Infinity)’
➫ 09/25/20 (1PM KST/ 12AM EST)
➫ 09/24/20 (9PM PST)

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