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Bio Comms lead on @wildrift at Riot Games. Support main, puzzle enthusiast, third thing.

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Twitter Web App : ILLUM1N4TED League of Legends: Wild Rift definitely wasn't our intention. we started off with a small group of invites (around 10% of them are content creators, the rest are regular players), and the rest of the invites across the alpha will be for more players in BR and PH

Twitter Web App : Moonboy65 i'm not sure! what we have in alpha right now is just a taste of some of the new stuff, so i'm not sure if they'll revisit just yet

Twitter Web App : Carmelo Jozef Bilasano the minimum specs at launch which you can see below are our targets. were not 100% committed to them yet, but were doing everything we can to hit them without compromising on gameplay (clarity, responsiveness, etc)

Twitter Web App : Moonboy65 how to be as epic as League PC, leveling up skills, processes and references along the way. the design team did something similar, picking some champs that they really thought would be tough to translate to new platforms, to challenge themselves and raise their OWN quality bar

Twitter Web App : Moonboy65 that's one of the coolest things about building from the ground up - the team took the opportunity to bring some League's older splashes up to the quality of some of the more recent ones. it was also an opportunity for the Wild Rift art team to figure out [1/2]