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iPhone : Around 600 kids have been hospitalized across the country with coronavirus and most of them recover.

If schools stay closed many more kids will be affected by suicide, malnutrition, child abuse and depression.

This is a political game & it must end!

Twitter Media Studio : Last night I appeared on #SteelTruth with @AnnVandersteel to discuss the TRUTH & FACTS surrounding COVID-19. Check out some of the highlights.

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iPhone : The U.S. so far has managed its death rate from the virus when compared to Sweden. However in July, Sweden has successfully flattened its curve of COVID-19 cases to less than 200 a day and daily death totals in the single digits for two weeks.

iPhone : Thank you for helping this account reach 300,000 followers.

It’s not about me, it’s about the fact that Americans are desperate to know the truth, facts and science surrounding COVID-19!

Thank you all! Let’s keep spreading TRUTH rather than fear & paranoia.

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iPhone : The gold medal for handling COVID-19 goes to Sweden. They didn’t collapse their economy or go crazy with restrictions. Now looking at the results, they seem to have done well. Many knocked them for their methods, but looking at the stats they proved everyone wrong.

Twitter Web App : Good study from the UK. We can re-open our schools and not have much to worry about - "little evidence of transmission"! bbc.com/news/uk-537180…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump More testing always equals more cases. I'm not sure how the media can make this into a controversial statement. We need to return to normal & work on re-opening America.

My account has been censored and shadowbanned for promoting these thoughts.

Follow & RT for FACTS & SCIENCE!

iPhone : Clear numbers.
Clear testing.
Clear solutions.
Clear outcomes.

Unclear numbers.
Unclear testing.
Unclear solutions.
Unclear outcomes.

We need to get clarity of the COVID-19 situation so we can defeat this virus.

We cannot continue to obfuscate.

Twitter Web App : Leslie Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">Leslie Marshall Leslie Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">Leslie Marshall so having our healthcare totally dependent to China, increase taxes, increase in crime, open border, lockdown every other week, no school, mandate mask and mandate vaccine is awesome to you. How so?

iPhone : College athletes are among the lowest risk for COVID-19.

They have access to the best doctors , trainers and diets in the world.

With proper safety protocols, there is no reason they can't play.

We cannot allow our great American pastimes to be stifled. #WeWantToPlay

iPhone : I’m retweeted daily by some of the biggest names in social media.

I gain hundreds and hundreds of followers daily.

Yet Twitter continues to mess with my account.

Twitter should realize it’s the users who make the platform and STOP CENSORING US!

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iPhone : According to the CDC, through the end of July the average number of total deaths in the United States per day was 7,434 this year.

In 2017 there were an average of more than 7,700 deaths per day in the United States.

Where is the major increase in COVID-19 related death?