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Bio Im researcher, educator, former U.N. expert, and author of infrastructure books & chapters in climate books. I tweet abt environment, disaster, arch, history.
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Android : Scott Morrison They were hoping forthunderstorms/hail in #SouthAustralia AG area with #ClimateEngineering hidden agendasbut failed, #farmers hardly got any rain again, we shouldve, but #EMF👇heaters caused an upward precipitation+aerosol injection=90+%less #rain.

Android : Angelette Holtrust Kingdom Builder I guess people can still live off the grid with still been able to use their phones/the net, radio/TV if they wish, but they need to learn how to do the rest without mains power/water+keep warm/cool, land/home/water is major step 1~2/3+$s...and been handy with almost anything.

Android : Micky Smifff) 's Twitter Profile">Micky Smifff Kingdom Builder 3) Micky Smifff) 's Twitter Profile">Micky Smifff
My way of life is very sustainable~off the main grid/rat race, I've had lots of experience out here/learned from mistakes, my advice is for others to get advice from people who've live this life'/ know how to go about starting up/survive'/it's not easy+=$'s

Android : Micky Smifff) 's Twitter Profile">Micky Smifff Kingdom Builder 2) Micky Smifff) 's Twitter Profile">Micky Smifff...I live amongst millions of trees/other native plants, I own 160 acres and manage over 4k acres due to my wildlife conservation interests/work I do, I build a twin floor home by my self/all electrical for solar, green plumbing sustainable garden/much more....

Android : Micky Smifff Kingdom Builder What is wrong with been on the net?..everything runs on solar power, wireless internet, TV, radio/charging equipment is a choice../I use more power then most+welding/so on, yet I've not paid power bill or water++for 29 years'../I've been surviving off the greed without their crap

Android : Kingdom Builder Be aware of disagreements/possible fights, a good start/step #1 to draw a legal policy agreement between the group so it don't come to that.
I've been off grid in the wilderness of OZ for 29 years, build a nice house by hand, solar, large poly water tanks/composting toilet++

Android : RECORD snow & cold in South #America. RECORD snow & cold in Norway. The Endless LIES about #Science by the completely morally bankrupt Funding Desk FRAUDS of the highly politically motivated #Climate Cons have all been Debunked & Exposed & now God also doing as final coffin nails twitter.com/thewatchers_/s…

Android : Is your allegiance to the preamble of the United Nations or the United States of America? Where is the US type Constitution or US Bill of Rights like no other in the history of the World? No the UN is an over staffed . money making group of well funded "Human Rights" abuses!!

Android : Our NASA_SLS 🚀 – the worlds biggest rocket – is undergoing a rigorous test series called “Green Run” at Stennis Space Center. Having successfully finished 3 of 8 tests, progress looks great for the 1st launch of #Artemis I to the Moon!

Heres the breakdown: go.nasa.gov/2OfLELE