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Twitter for iPad : Joyce Alene No, but it is good to understand this pathology (which makes all the moves and future chaos fairly predictable-ppl still have hope in him thus emotional disappointment). We need to save that emotional capacity for the impending chaos. #narcissism

Twitter for iPad : Joyce Alene Social Media Insider True. And, blaming the parents for a problem child is old school. While parents may have influenced Trump, mental illness tends to be genetic and if his father was a sociopath - well, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

Twitter for iPad : Joyce Alene What's sad to me is that so many Americans want an abuser to lead the country. It's not just covert abuse to his family. It's abuse in the open, every day, to many people/groups. To us all, really. Makes me think abuse runs wide and deep in our country that so many like this.

Twitter for iPad : Joyce Alene Alan Hunter It's called piling on and it's very necessary with this creep. The heat needs to be applied relentlessly with no let up and it needs to come from every direction possible.

Twitter for iPad : Joyce Alene I get so angry when I think that we had all the evidence needed to impeach and remove Trump from office. The #GOP stuck together like thieves. Now they are playing Trump, letting him say whatever he wants, as they distribute millions in rescue money to their wealthy constituents.

Twitter for iPad : Joyce Alene If it’s going to be a stream of tidbits like the ones that came out today on SATs or crappy Christmas gifts the media should not cover it. It seems like petty gossip and adds no substance to the arguments against Trump, which are pretty solid at this point.