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Bio This is what great independent publishing looks like - judges, British Book Awards 2019. Highly Commended for Independent Publisher of the Year.
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Twitter Web App : We love books.

We take them to bed.

We display them on our shelves.

We write our names in them.

They weigh down our suitcases.

We take them for granted.

But, as Tom Mole shows, theres much more to them than meets the eye...

The Secret #LifeOfBooks is out today!

Twitter Web App : I set up the Nature Writing Prize for #WorkingClassWriters to burst the stereotype of what it means to be a Nature Writer & reclaim the wild places that belong to us all no matter where we live or who we are, can’t wait to launch 2021 soon & don’t forget to follow @WCNaturePrize

Twitter Web App : Elliott & Thompson Tim Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">Tim Marshall Just received Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">Tim Marshall for my nephew’s birthday. He’s studying geography at A level and this looks right up his street. My son’s just seen it and wants a copy!!

Twitter Web App : Stanfords needs your support. Like many independent businesses, we've been hit hard by the current crisis. In order to continue running, we need financial support & have set up a crowdfunding campaign with the Mayor of London’s Pay It Forward initiative:


Twitter Web App : I'm working with John Murray Press to find out-of-print travel books to republish. From classics that have been forgotten about to overlooked works of obscure genius – anything that's brilliant and deserves to be brought back into publication. Please DM me your recommendations!

Twitter Web App : In our Nov/Dec issue we enter this living darkness with a celebration of the night sky > resurgence.org/magazine/artic…

Darkness is coming but reaching beyond our own fear, we find life – incredible, beautiful, connected & most wonderful of all, we are part of it Team4Nature Zion Lights

Twitter Web App : Ooof.

This immediately made us think of Matt Gaw ✨'s book, #UnderTheStars - journeys into the lights of night. Gorgeous (and currently a steal on Kindle).

#LookUpTogether twitter.com/BorthwickDave/…

Twitter Web App : .MeeraSyal hello, could we possibly send you an early proof copy of Huma Qureshi's brilliant forthcoming book, How We Met: A memoir of love and other misadventures, about grief, growing up (in Walsall), and finding out who you want to be - and be with? Thank you!

Twitter Web App : This years most topical thriller - #PowerPlay by Tony Kent



Just *99pp* on Kindle for a limited time >>> amzn.to/3ow0m1N

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Twitter Web App : Need a book that lands with a bang?

Pre-order yours now.

Out 5 November > amzn.to/2HHW8mG


Twitter Web App : So happy to see this on the near horizon (the book, not the apocalypse). Adam Roberts is always such a pleasure to work with* and this book is every bit as thought-provoking and beautifully written as any of his novels.**

*despite the puns
**despite the puns twitter.com/eandtbooks/sta…

Twitter Web App : “Equal parts enjoyable and unsettling, fascinating and gross … if you are looking for an enthusiastic guide through this third kingdom – this book is for you” so says Curious Reader of Aliya Whiteley's #SecretLifeofFungi Elliott & Thompson curiousreaderr.wordpress.com/2020/10/27/mag…