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Bio “life is not about how hard you hit. it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. Thats how winning is done.” Rocky
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iPhone : It’s the End of the World Famous KROQ As We Know It – Variety I personally have not listened to a sec of this station. Letting the morning show go during this pandemic was ⁦KROQ⁩ last straw with me.…

iPhone : DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 Your tired of being lied to and locked up ?? What lies, your blocked up? Please show us your cell. Every minority that has been falsely arrested, detained and locked up is tired of being lied to. The virus is not a lie. Let’s see your cell.

iPhone : Had some fun conversations connecting with a few students about the new The Clone Wars episodes. Something they and I have been looking forward to during the school dismissal. #itsthesmallthings that matter. BTW excellent show. 👍

iPhone : Trevor Noah) 's Twitter Profile">Trevor Noah I’m a teacher for a continuation school. These kids are no less talented or intelligent from traditions school students. They just need some one to understand their unique needs. I will use this for that purpose. Thank Trevor Noah) 's Twitter Profile">Trevor Noah