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Twitter Web App : A climate activist is not somebody with a hobby.

A climate activist is an individual who is aware of the responsibility each and every human has to ensure that our civilization does not keep life on this planet from thriving.

It's why we need everyone to be a climate activist.

Android : it actually fucking sucks that people are interpreting covid data as β€œwe overreacted” instead of β€œthe things science told us to do have worked so far”

Twitter Web App : I myself have called the digital climate action "climate strikes" as recently as a few days ago. It isn't a strike, so we shouldn't be calling it one.

Until in-person strikes resume, as requested by Z, can we use the hashtag #DigitalProtestForClimate instead of #ClimateStrike? twitter.com/zthinkszarts/s…

Android : Daily trash cleanup day 300!!! #EarthCleanUp

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