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Twitter Web App : THREAD: As the nation remembers #BloodySunday and the violent scenes on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Republicans in state legislatures are fighting to resurrect the dark history of Jim Crow, and Georgia is on the front lines of GOP voter suppression. #gapol…

Twitter Web App : Georgia Republicans are trying to outlaw water, food, and comfort for people who are trying to vote.…

Twitter Web App : The GOP has long feared that if the Democrats actually passed bills that improved people’s lives, it would decimate the GOP’s single talking point (that gubmint always sucks). That’s why the GOP has been all obstruction all the time for decades now.…

Twitter Web App : GEORGIANS: Tomorrow, the Georgia Senate will vote on #SB241, a dangerous voter suppression bill that would harm voters and cost taxpayers more than $28 MILLION in the next election cycle alone. Heres what you can do NOW (thread):

Twitter Web App : If you look around and see corruption, lying, and law-breaking at every level, then you need to push for major anti-corruption reform.

The reason we have been shocked at story after story of Republicans AND Democrats acting with impunity: they ain’t scared of any consequences.

Twitter Web App : I thought we all understood that Trump's habit of stating that "many people are saying ______" was obvious bullshit?…

Twitter Web App : Yesterday’s ABSENCE of violence reinforces that the violence of 1/6 was a Trump-inspired, Trump-organized, Trump-incited operation, start to finish. Stated simply: Trump is criminally responsible for the violence on 1/6. Now . . . how about some justice? Because #JusticeMatters

Twitter Web App : The extraction economy is a trap. If a rich politician or business exec tells you theyre pro-coal, you can be sure they dont care one bit about coal miners. Theyll take everything, and leave your holler with nothing but black lung and poisoned water.

Twitter Web App : Every other person getting vaccinated makes me safer, even before I get vaccinated. That’s how public health works. I am increasingly frustrated that I never hear this in the US discourse about vaccination.

Twitter Web App : Pres. Biden: “We’re now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May”

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Twitter Web App : Craig Bruce Smith By Pfizer's brand new mRNA
Or viral-vectored J&J
That trains our cells to make that spike protein
Your Godsend of immunity
Unshackles our communities
The promise of another chance at spring -
That I cannot complete without

Twitter Web App : Viridiana says, I want immigration reform for one reason. So employers can stop abusing our rights because they know we are undocumented and won’t complain. Congress vote on #FarmWorkforceModernizationAct before the end of March. #WeAreHome

Twitter Web App : Voter suppression at its finest: No water while you wait in line for 12 hours to vote in Georgia.…