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Bio Im a filthy-mouthed #NastyWoman in #TheResistance who is Anti-Trump AF. Full of Tatts & Sass. Animal lover, especially Horses. #ImpeachTheMF #DisloyalToTrump
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Android : Rick Wilson Shocked I tell ya, shocked !

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Android : This comes as no surprise to anyone who followed Senator Collins’ trajectory of brave independence during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.…

Android : On MSNBC. 1 JAN 2020. Wednesday. 10 am ET. GEOFF BENNETT. Topic Iran/Iraq. Iraq government coming apart. Iran steadily increasing violent provocation. 14,000 US reinforcements deployed. Another para Bn now headed out. Time to talk privately to Iran.

Android : May I offer an optimistic thread to end what was a year of continued Trump corruption, as a way to catapult us into 2020 - that being the last year of a Trump administration? The recent The New York Times article is a game-changer or, as I called it yesterday, a "stop-the-presses" moment.

Android : One of the best decisions I made in 2019 was leaving the GOP. As an independent, I’m happier & stronger. I’ll keep defending our rights, our Constitution & the Rule of Lawβ€”things the party seems to have forgotten about. Thanks for supporting my campaign.…

Android : At least we have a totally sane, perfectly normal, not-at-all mentally impaired POTUS to help handle one of the most delicate foreign policy situations of the decade.


Android : The media reported that you visited Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 10:46 am, which you did.…