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Android : White people dying is not as effective a counter to Black people dying as you might think.…

Android : The term “herd immunity” has reached coded language status for me. When I hear people wishing for it in advance of a vaccine, I hear “I am okay with and, in fact, excited for the deaths of thousands of Black and elderly people.”

Twitter Web App : Ah, yes, if we start listening to the Centers for Disease Control about how to control disease centrally, we could end up with a disease that is controlled.…

Twitter Web App : Go here, scroll 6 down and listen to the Bhimsen Joshi track. absolute mastery of the form, and his harmonium player is incredible…

Twitter Web App : As an ER doctor, I feel compelled to correct a dangerous & upsetting new talking point from @realdonaldtrump. Lately he's been "boasting" that while #COVID19 rates are soaring, *deaths* are not as high. This is extremely disturbing for a few reasons. (1/9)

Twitter Web App : Betsy DeVos looked into a camera with her dead coelacanth eyes & said the children must go back to school because probably only 14,072 kids will die.

Did you hear her say it’s ok if your baby dies?

Or are you pretending you’re special & she meant 14,000 other people’s babies?

Android : See? The rich make the case for prison abolition *for themselves* all the time (and often get it), incl for systemic violence, yet are never deemed “radical.”

It’s only “radical left” when we ask our legal system to treat normal people 1/10000th of the way it treats the wealthy.…

Android : Lol so let me get this straight, Bari Weiss never actually got fired, she is in fact quitting because she's mad that all the people at the Times who don't like her *didn't* get fired

But they'll still turn this into some kind of crusade to protect people from firing

Android : Wait hold on. The people who signed the Letter? A shitload of them are on this weird new centrist proyect called “Persuasion”.

The shift from Greenberg and the TERFs (the original writers) to Thomas Chatterton Williams, Fukuyama and fucking Garry Kasparov?

All “Persuasion”.

Android : What if—and I know this is a wacky idea, but hear me out—what if, in the middle of a pandemic, we *didn’t* need to spend massive resources fighting the government’s attempt to be evil?…