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Twitter Web App : There are lots of reasons why this PR is interesting, but I really like the idea to source all the icons from one UFO directory in the future.


Twitter Web App : Keya – કેયા ❊ There is an ongoing discussion on Urdu fonts with links to existing fonts under consideration on the Google Fonts GitHub, unfortunately not much progress has been made recently.


Twitter Web App : grant If you ask this question in the FontTools Gitter chat I bet someone there will have a better answer.


Twitter Web App : grant I have done something like this with this script in the past: github.com/mekkablue/Glyp…

Not ideal, because you need Glyphs + a Mac, and it's a pain to set up.

I bet you can do this with fonttools, but I can't find a good example script for this right now: github.com/fonttools/font…

Android : Prathyush I learned about her recently from this article on the changes happening in free and open-source software. Seems interesting. twitter.com/eliheuer/statu…

Android : Is anyone bored and feel like helping with #HarfBuzz? If yes, I'll go ahead and put some time in marking good starter issues. Tell me your interests and I'll try to match you with issues! Thanks you all.

Twitter Web App : Rasmus Andersson This is the actual software Im mocking up running on my Linux PCs i3 desktop. Working on a i3-like tiling window manager that is user friendly and looks nice out of the box is on my list of future side projects.

Twitter Web App : Im still not very proficient with it yet, but Im having fun making these UI mockups in Figma.

Android : I made a fork of Inter to quickly try this out... would a dyslexia accessibility slider for a variable font be useful? 🤔 I tried to mimic the features of other dyslexia-friendly fonts in the new master

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