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Android : J 🔸Rosslaa🔸 I'm so glad I've stumbled upon someone else who's phone auto corrects the middle Z in warZone, for no apparent reason. Presuming you've not done it purpose 😂

Android : I just divided 40k by 6 to see how many gardens Andrea Radrizzani needed to grow around ER to make it possible for us all to see promotion. The number staring back at me on my screen doesn't feel good. #lufc

Android : Nicky I think it's geographical then. Must be something to do with where we are in relation to the nearest server. Watch them give us a 40gb update for a new map before they try sort the shitty servers out.

Android : Nicky Absolutely fine until last update. Now, I can't even move in most games. 25mbps average to my Xbox. Gonna move my socket upstairs when I can and try a wired.

Android : AP Fans of their own or not, I don't think anyone would mind if they just disappeared and ceased to exist.

Android : Activision Support any ideas on what Im supposed to do with being kicked out of warzone games every 30 mins with STATUS: THURSDAY ? Its not my internet as every other device stays connected. Port forwarded relevant ports and even tried DMZ. #warzone #codmw #cod

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