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Android : Paula Simons Agreed. But the problem isn't lazy stereotyping so much as UCP politicians working overtime to portray #ABpoli as one-dimensional, reinforcing daily in word and deed that Alberta = conservative = oil.

They have literally swept aside the province's great diversity and potential.

Android : It's been a tough week for Alberta and Albertans - and I bristle, I confess, when I see people from outside the province making jokes at our expense, or buying into lazy stereotypes about us. It's important to remember we Albertans are more than one politician or policy.

Android : NPF-FPN I’ll support when male members stop harassing female members. When the red-surge-shuffle no longer smooths over behaviours that are questionable & in some cases arguably criminal.

And this is not a debate. It happens. Fix it.

Android : NPF-FPN The training needs to be much longer than 6 months.Need background in sociology, psychology, basic psychiatry, conflict resolution & more. Should buddy with cops and PubHealthRN in places like Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for a few mons. Training was 2yrs in the 70’s I think.

Android : NPF-FPN You represent the worst trained police force in North America. I hope a #RCMPunion means improved conditions for the people you serve & “protect” (especially for the First Nations & POC etc...) Maybe y’all should stop participating in the #worldsslowestgenocide

Android : Another 19 Alberta Ag staff were quietly terminated this week including barley breeding staff & 2 breeders. AB’s Ag minister has been incapable of providing leadership & direction to his ministry. Instead he has terminated >325 staff & transferred a handful to unhappy situations!

Android : Being the GGCanada must be one the easiest, cushiest, least responsible, best paid jobs in the Canadian governmental system. All that's required is to dress up, decorate ceremonies, and don't be a dick. It takes a special kind of person, indeed, to blow it.

Android : We have a simple request for the UCP. Tell the truth, the whole truth, to Albertans on the risk assessment and financial commitments related to the KXL pipeline deal.

Android : Thomas Deak Alberta has always had agriculture, forestry/wood, beef/cattle etc. industries that are not promoted or subsidised at the rate of O/G likely due to limited gov involvement with shareholders.

Android : emgfind Dr. Deena Hinshaw) 's Twitter Profile">Dr. Deena Hinshaw Do you hear that Dr. Deena Hinshaw) 's Twitter Profile">Dr. Deena Hinshaw, asymptomatic! Did you know the CBE doesn’t recommend kids get tested if a kid in their class is positive? They only RECOMMEND it if they show symptoms. No wonder you guys don’t know where these positive cases are coming from!