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Twitter Web App : Socializing in a Pandemic, Protected by Plastic - 28 photos of schools, restaurants, workplaces, & shops where plexiglass shields, plastic curtains, & tents have gone up due to the coronavirus, leading to a new social landscape of clear plastic barriers. theatln.tc/KT14k2e8

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: After being told to wear dog diapers and coffee filters as masks, two-dozen workers at an Oakland McDonalds are on strike after COVID-19 outbreak. 4 workers positive, 3 others sick; workers’ kids sick, including 10-month-old baby

#FightFor15 #ProtectAllWorkers

Twitter Web App : Last year?

Fall 2020 I’ll be teaching Asoka and ethics in Ancient India from a draft translation of the major rock and pillar edicts, tentatively titled

When Gods Last Mingled With Men

We’ll make the case for these being among the most astonishing literary and ethical texts twitter.com/thereligionlab…

Twitter Web App : Anyway, my attention span has recovered enough that I can knit a new pattern now which feels like a huge achievement but every time I pick it up I can’t stop myself from saying “you’re knitting...for yourself?”

Twitter Web App : As if I’d just committed a massive faux pas and he couldn’t believe I was admitting it out loud

Twitter Web App : I was flying a couple years ago and also knitting a sweater, and the guy sitting next to me asking what I was making. So I showed him said I hoped I finished in time to wear it before it got warm. To which he replied in genuine disbelief...”You’re knitting...for *yourself*?”

Twitter Web App : Why local journalism matters, now more than ever.
The New York Times was able to put together this deeply moving portrait of the lives lost in the outbreak only because of the crucial reporting on deaths by these local news organizations.

Twitter Web App : Zoom in and read these beautiful sentences that capture a small bit of each person’s essence. twitter.com/brianstelter/s…

Twitter Web App : I wrote about the pleasure and resonance of reading Wolf Hall during quarantine, and the absolutely terrifying, unsolved Tudor epidemic of the SWEATING SICKNESS, where you'd be "merry at breakfast, dead by noon" newyorker.com/books/page-tur…

Twitter Web App : Wasn’t the whole point of picking Joe Biden the Midwest and swing states like the whole rational of the man is he doesn’t need help there I want to sleep until Nov 2028 twitter.com/VanityFair/sta…