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iPhone : sometimes i reflect on how my queer little sister, who had never previous dated a dude, literally met a skinny white american boy on a video game and flew to texas to meet him, like what is it like to have that much faith in the universe. hah.

iPhone : one of the strangers things about prison libraries that i think about a lot is that they often don’t allow inmates to borrow art books since they apparently encourage tattooing.

iPhone : it’s weird when white people approach an interaction with me with the assumption that i have shame for being nehiyaw, like no i actually think we are better than you lol

iPhone : a surprisingly big part of making any art is just accepting that it's probably going to be a little bit embarrassing.

iPhone : woke up thinking about canada council grant results but then my mom got called into the doctor about blood test results this morning (she’s okay) and now i feel like very nonchalant about arts granting overall.

Twitter Web App : i know i'm entering my 30's soon because i wear my running trainers on walks now instead of fashion sneakers, like your girl has accepted her need for arch support.

Twitter Web App : on days like today (AB budget day), i think about moving back to vancouver but then...

*looks at my downtown heritage apartment with office, clawfoot tub, and skylight for $1390 with all utilities and internet*

iPhone : i don’t understand the argument that ndns use the term queer to be intelligible to white people because white people are always trying to push the term two-spirit on me. i don’t care if my sexuality is intelligible to white people, it’s barely intelligible to me most days.

Twitter Web App : i'm listening carefully to The Red Nation #TheRedDeal's episode on sex work this morning and i'm disappointed because it seems this is becoming their official stance. i hope they'll consider hosting indigenous sex workers with different views because imo this one is damaging.

Twitter Web App : "sex workers have been and are on the forefront of sexual liberation, reclamation, and body sovereignty for indigenous people"