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iPhone : Two important lessons I learned in my twenties:
- If you think everyone hates you, you probably need to sleep.
- If you think you hate everyone, you probably need to eat.

iPhone : “We sat for a while and talked about tea until the afternoon light faded. A couple members of the group eventually broke off to free bleed in the property’s gardens.”

Reader, I guffawed.…

iPhone : The lowest was $225 a month for the basement of an eight-bedroom house which had a rotating cast of 8-12 roommates, 2 cats, a dog, 3 refrigerators, and two sets of washers and dryers.

Also in Moscow, ID.

iPhone : This isn’t the lowest overall, but I paid $675 a month for a brand-new two-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse in Moscow, ID in 2004. Adjusting for inflation, that would be $918 today.

Now I live in LA and whoever’s living in the townhouse is paying $750 a month.…

iPhone : Speaking of, have we discussed the fact that if Dems don’t think something should act as a loophole, now’s literally the time to change it.…

iPhone : For now though, he’s paid for, he’s recovering, and I’m so unbelievably grateful to you guys for this gift. Sometimes twitter is very good. You just have to follow the right people.

iPhone : If you haven’t donated but were planning on it, the GoFundMe is still up. The surgery was paid for with everyone’s generous donations and my insurance check (RIP my rear bumper but long live my dog) but he’ll need blood tests and meds for the Cushings after recovery.

iPhone : Dwight is awake and missing a spleen and drugged out of his mind but the surgeon said everything went really really well! Biopsy results should be back in 4-5 days, and he’ll be ready to come home late tomorrow or early Sunday.