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Android : Today we have completed Europe Elects. Someone was in the replies calling for a theocracy. That's it, we've completed the checklist of political ideologies. It's over. Europe has been elected. We can all go home & move on with our lives.

Android : Oli Burke has taken more shots in the first five minutes of this game for Sheffield than he ever did for us #WBASHU

Twitter Web App : Caitlin Prowle Would you recommend the quorn one then? I am always worried about anything solid and soy based as it tends to dry up too quickly

Twitter Web App : Veggie/vegan cooking twitter: it's my first Christmas w/o meat (changed my diet on 01 Jan this year) so I need your advice on the best nut roasts (or something else) y'all have for Christmas? Hit me with recipes friends!

Twitter Web App : Big & long-overdue moment in Catholic history.…

Twitter Web App : I could live 1000 years and I would never be as cool as Marcus Rashford cooking with Jack Monroe in full black tie.…

Twitter Web App : Finn Beyts Same here. 13 flats in our block sharing 5 recycling bins, never collected, filled within a couple of days of collection as everyone is clearly holding their recycling in their flat until it's empty so it doesn't blow away. Food waste bin full of food untouched for 9mo

Twitter Web App : This is the horrifying place Europe is in today. This is no longer a fringe view, this is being said by members of dominant & significant politicians, not just outriders, across Europe. Who's going to stand up against it?…

Android : Not to mention that you couldn't catch the blitz from being near people in the pub…