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iPhone : derek chauvin knew george floyd for 17 years. he knew for a fact that george wasn't a threat, yet he kneeled on his neck for 7 minutes, disregarding his screams of "i can't breathe." ... THAT IS MURDER. COLD-BLOODED MURDER. not accidental. #RAISETHEDEGREE

iPhone : this happened in 2017 and this woman is STILL in jail for defending herself against her abuser. there has barely been any media coverage of this and the whole situation just isn’t fair to this poor woman. twitter pls do your thing

iPhone : drop your fancams <3 i wanna stream

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iPhone : stolen from oomf
interact with this tweet if you dont have me muted <3

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iPhone : people who think that he/him lesbians are males that identify as lesbians are braindead

iPhone : tw// period mention

to any oomfs that take birth control pills/get birth control shots, do they stop periods?

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