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Bio Political activist, occasional writer and a policy wonk. Equalities Spokesperson for @CentreThinkTank and Vice-Chair of @LiberalsForEFTA.
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iPhone : Bonkers if this goes ahead. Can’t see how the UK Government can ever call itself unionist again (or indeed pro-market) if it kicks the economic stool out from under communities all over Wales just to favour Unis in England walesonline.co.uk/news/education…

iPhone : I just watched a video entitled β€˜Eating your partner after sex’ and I thought it was about eating your partner out after sex.

It was about bugs that eat their partner after sex. πŸ˜±πŸ™ƒ

iPhone : Shout out to the guy in one the Freshers GC that keeps trying to pressure girls to send him nudes and saying that he can β€˜turn lesbians.’ πŸ™ƒ

I just don’t get people.

iPhone : Jessica Lee I’ve literally got documents that were sent to me with a strategy in that revolves around β€˜overtaking YL but making it seem like it’s not.’

I was in a call with you where I had to explain that part of your plan was blackmail and you quoted β€˜Machiavelli’ at me.

iPhone : Jessica Lee I mean idk why you didn’t reach out to them sooner or get clarification on the issues that were spoken about in the article? Or research them?

They are all things that were suggested and were ignored.

iPhone : Jessica Lee Lmao if β€˜better than expected’ is code for β€˜it doesn’t matter if they’ve failed to deal with bullying, they’ve been nice to me’ then fair enough?