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Twitter Web App : Gee I wonder what all the other billionaires are up to. Probably responsibly paying their taxes based on their strong commitment to civic duty.

Twitter Web App : The hardest problem in philosophy of science is to demarcate between science and non-science. Sort of like how the hardest problem in the business world is to demarcate between productive work and stupid bullshit that benefits no one.

Twitter Web App : No matter how bad it gets rich white liberals will never be onboard with a general strike, because that would mean their housekeepers would be on strike too and they'd have to load their own dishwasher.

Twitter Web App : What's cool about having the President directly appoint members of the Supreme Court is that if he contests the election the very same court gets to decide if it was legitimate.

This is a very good system and I can't see anything going wrong with it.

Twitter Web App : Liberals: "we stand against systemic racism!"
Leftists: "oh great, so what systems do you want to change or get rid of?"
Liberals: "shut your god damn mouth."

Twitter Web App : The police can kill innocent people without being held accountable.
They can execute people suspected of a crime, without a trial, just by saying they had a gun.
They can legally rape women in custody in a lot of states, and the rest never prosecute anyway.

We don't need them.

Twitter Web App : In ancient times everyone had two souls in each body. Then the Gods split us apart, and in general everyone was pretty happy about the new arrangement. Imagine how bad it would suck to have another soul in your body at all times? Just awful.

Twitter Web App : The reason Democrats are so perplexed by Republicans not respecting "norms" is because they can't imagine prioritizing actually achieving what you say you are trying to achieve over looking good to voters.

Twitter Web App : Leftists shouldn't be criticizing Elon Musk, they should be praising him. If every billionaire went on twitter like he does to write every thought that popped into their brains, we'd have communism in a year.

Twitter Web App : I honestly believe Spinoza was an alien sent to Earth to teach us metaphysics. He understood everything about reality but would also say stuff like "love is pleasure accompanied by the idea of an external cause."

Android : One of the Supreme Court's main functions is to protect the sacred right that is above all other sacred right in America: property.

What are they protecting it from? Democracy.

Android : If there was every a successful political movement in America to create a real democracy, one where we could vote about the things that affect our lives, like how to distribute resource and organize industry, the Supreme Court would simply say "lol no" and that would be that.

Android : FYI, "pack the court" should be the moderate, centrist position at this point.

The leftist position would be to abolish the system where 9 unelected elders create our laws based on their hermeneutic readings of the sacred text passed down to us from our ancestors.

Android : Hilarious to see rich white liberals on here cosplaying as people who have real political commitments and saying they would "riot" if the Republicans fill the seat in an election year.

Everyone knows that at most, we'll see a very large outdoor picnic.