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iPhone : I always wanted to create this effect in Expo and React Native. Here you go, build with vanilla Animated API:)

ps: the code looks terrible but I was playing with the concept itself :))
Inspiration: Cuberto + Shadertoy

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Android : Si vous avez toujours voulu essayer #ReactNative, il est temps de suivre notre tutoriel complet pour développer votre première application #RealTime #Mobile!
Setup, outils, UI, API, #backend, on vous explique tout 😉


React Native #javascript Expo

iPhone : Small story about Expo universal architecture. I worked on a project where the request was to add a mobile app (web was already built). Half way through and request changed. We needed to empower web but what we built with expo was already way better so we switched automagically

iPhone : fr3fou!! We generally aren’t working on many new modules this year. If you want features like NFC, Bluetooth, etc. the best way to do that today is to use the bare workflow and write custom code for your use case.

iPhone : iambavith The best way for a feature outside the roadmap to be part of the release is to diagnose the root cause and work on a maintainable fix. We’re also focusing a lot on streamlining the workflows for writing custom native code so you can write your own Swift/Kotlin/DOM JS when needed.

Twitter Web App : We're starting on SDK 39 soon and the main features lined up for the next SDK are:

· iOS 14 support
· General bug fixes during our July Bug Bash
· New updates & splash screen APIs


Twitter Web App : My new app which is "Bugün Ne Yesek" is published on the Play Store! 🎉🥳

It generates randoms identify for food recipes list and people do not have too many times to choose for eating!


🧰 Expo, React Native

iPhone : LinguaBrowse, a web browser for language learning, is now on the iOS App Store! 🥳🚀

📆 2 years of work
🧰 Expo, React Native
🔤 Show pronunciation for Japanese, Chinese, etc.
🔍 Tap-to-define words
📝 Build a vocab list
🗣 Text-to-speech
🌐 30 languages


iPhone : I’ve just finished creating a mini s-wallet template using Expo.

Code available at github.com/Fimba-Code/e-w…

Follow: Fimba Code

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Twitter Web App : I was inspired by this tweet and the awesome work that Software Mansion did for Shop and I tried to re-create it using Expo React Native Three.js react-three-fiber and Jason Brown ticker plugin. I was able to copy some OrbitControl component that works with react-three-fiber:) twitter.com/jmwind/status/…

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iPhone : B. Kiafuka 🇦🇴🦥 Thanks Bruno! We’ll keep working hard to make something you’re proud to advocate for :) Let us know if you have any ideas for how we can help you spread the word

iPhone : SuperInk was developed completely with JavaScript, thanks to Expo React Native Three.js 🤟

iOS: cutt.ly/DotxpdW
Android: cutt.ly/Yotxb3t

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