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Twitter Web App : This interview is mind-blowing! I’m referring, of course, to Joe Manchin’s interview about the filibuster twitter.com/nymag/status/1…

Twitter Web App : For the record, the senators who voted for the Covid relief bill represent 41,915,580 more people than the senators who voted against it.


Twitter Web App : Still kind of stunned and heartened at the scale of the American Rescue Plan.

The 2009 stimulus was 5.5% of 2008 GDP.

The Rescue plan is 9.1% of 2020 GDP.

And it creates a child allowance that will (knock wood) be very hard to roll back.


Twitter Web App : As someone who is constantly managing the professional demands of email and Slack--and Twitter!--I found this Ezra Klein podcast really thought-provoking.



Twitter Web App : Jason Furman There's a reason I said economics package, and called out full employment and poverty metrics. Did you read the tweets?

Twitter Web App : There's still vota-a-rama to come. But I'll say this for Manchin: The cost he's demanded for his vote, so far, is a lot smaller than what I've seen in past fights from people in his position. Far less destructive than Nelson and Lieberman in 2010... twitter.com/imillhiser/sta…

Twitter Web App : I'm open to counterexamples, but this still looks like the most ambitious and progressive economic package Congress has passed in my lifetime. It will do more to cut poverty, and push full employment, than anything else I've covered.

Twitter Web App : And then there's the coronavirus funding itself, which is huge. Vaccinations are already above 2m a day. Add in tens of billions for distribution, and $50 billion for a national testing infrastructure, and we could really beat this thing.

Twitter Web App : I'm angry about the cut to UI and the absence of *any* minimum wage increase in the bill.

At the same time, I'm ELATED the Child Tax Credit is moving through unscathed, and same for EITC, school infrastructure, state and local aid, $1,400 checks, Obamacare boost...

Twitter Web App : Dem aide trumpets agreement "ACCEPTED BY MANCHIN" (caps mine) to approve UI through Sept. 6 at $300/week. Includes tax forgiveness on $10K in UI below $150K annula income

Biden's initial plan: UI at $400 through end of September

Twitter Web App : Ezra Klein Also infuriating that “centrist” now describes members who endlessly complain about the gridlock and dysfunction while doing everything possible to ensure that it continues

Twitter Web App : If Democrats won Senate seats roughly in proportion to how many people voted for Democrats to win Senate seats this would all look very different.

The “center” of the Senate is well to the right of the center of the country. And today is the result.

Twitter Web App : Some good news, in case you’re here just Senate doomscrolling. twitter.com/ObsoleteDogma/…

Twitter Web App : It will never stop infuriating me that in American politics, “centrist” describes political opinions at the center of the Senate rather than at the center of public opinion.

Even worse, the very same people who use it this way endlessly complain that Washington is out of touch!

Twitter Web App : New Research Thread// Across five uses of Covid testing, a death can be averted for the cost of $4,700 to $44,190, at $5 per test.