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iPhone : #ThankYouNHS from maternity ward of Imperial NHS St Mary’s where stereo newborn screaming greeted #nhs72 & on NHS birthday, amazing midwives & medics here have again “delivered” as they always do

Special shout out to Millie & all who kept maternity services going thru pandemic🙏

Twitter for iPad : Take for example region around capital Rome, Lazio, population 5.9 million. Total deaths 841. Fewer than any region of England or nation of UK...

Put another way, the pandemic spread to and around the UK and England far far more than it did from Lombardy, 400 miles to Rome /4

Twitter for iPad : 3/ UK having more excess deaths than Italy is key here.

Remember in early March lobby corrs being briefed Italy were the ones not to follow.

Also, point of UK approach was to stop the health system being overwhelmed as it had done “in Italy”.

..Well it was only really Lombardy

Twitter for iPad : An explanation:

UK had time advantage.

But manner in which it arrived here, seeding after half term in every town /city across nation spreads it v wide v quickly.

So quick distancing/ shutdown necc, but put off till end March.

Then virus transferred deep into care home sector

Twitter for iPad : Ian Broome The Health Foundation INET Oxford It might have skewed the first measure - but if anything eg Belgium and Ireland were the most aggressive on counting care home deaths as Covid-19. But that is why we use two different measures of excess deaths for which testing irrelevant. Same pattern on all.

Twitter for iPad : This Long Read seeks to deep dive into those numbers/patterns - and questions arising from, for now, having highest per capita deaths in G7...
Was it really inevitable? consequence of London effect? Why does Italy now have fewer excess deaths than UK?


Twitter for iPad : working with The Health Foundation and INET Oxford put together comparable statistics for impact from pandemic over first wave so far, using different methods, and comparing with G7 and hardest hit in Europe...

UK & England esp at rough end of all comparisons - Why? And What can we learn? twitter.com/faisalislam/st…

iPhone : This argument - made by California Governors past and present including Arnie - to wear masks so that more small businesses can open up - not really made here: twitter.com/cagovernor/sta… twitter.com/CAgovernor/sta…

iPhone : Here are Portugal’s official stats:
1598 deaths in total during pandemic only 25 in the southern two regions Alentejo and the Algarve (15) covering the main tourist area

Twitter for iPad : When i said obvious from streets that UK mask usage is low, and essentially not destigmatised, it was in comparison to say this video from Tokyo - Japan as a whole had negative excess deaths in first quarter, despite proximity to China... Tokyo just 1000


Twitter for iPad : An emotional, jubilant send-off for #teamLNWH A&E nurse Franco Palo leaving hospital after battling #Covid19 #coronavirus for 9+ weeks. Franco left hospital with wife Grace (also an A&E nurse at Northwick Park) to the cheers of 100s of colleagues wishing him a speedy recovery.

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iPhone : Government confirms £500m purchase out of bankruptcy of network of low earth orbit satellites in conjunction with Indian mobile phone company Airtel, in an attempt to replace its participation in the EU Galileo medium orbit system, after Brexit gov.uk/government/new…

Twitter for iPad : Here’s the point about the non-establishment of a new social norm around face coverings & masks in UK - YouGov/Imperial poll of 1000, 831 non-wearers showed that half felt, “silly”, “embarrassed” or “self conscious that others might judge you”...

Twitter for iPad : This is the source data YouGov/ Imperial polling project - latest number for UK is still well below others but is now at 31%


Twitter for iPad : Clear that Government didnt want to make it mandatory/ divert health mask supply, but there was a moment at the beginning of May where the social norm might have changed, when guidance changed to encourage use, but the PM’s address to nation the night before did not mention it...

Twitter for iPad : Masks: Brown line is UK, as is obvious on streets - can see in early March... Spain, France, US, Germany, UK all below 10% in mask usage - now 60-80%, except UK just over 20%.

Even at start April, UK & Germany same, but big divergence since... HT james barty

Twitter for iPad : Low traffic neighbourhood / modal filters on Upwood Road, Lewisham.

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iPhone : PM call with new Taoiseach Micheál Martin: UK remains committed to implementation of NI protocol gov.uk/government/new…