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Bio Pilot, Singer-Songwriter, National Award winning Film Actor, VJ/host/TV anchor, Philanthropist, 1st Pakistani in history to circumnavigate the globe.
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iPhone : Great to see this Mumtaz Bhai....it’s been such a huge challenge for the hospitality industry. Best of luck. twitter.com/mumtazmuslim/s…

iPhone : Sialkot walas lets do that shouldn’t be a problem ... lets do a joint project with Technology Universities and create own smart cricket ball... twitter.com/falamb3/status…

iPhone : Got to get me one of these Kookaburra ball....what wonderful technology....

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iPhone : We are killing each other by virus because some of us don’t understand the idea of freedom.

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iPhone : It’s about time...the world needs supersonic jets....that have minimum environmental impact & make 14 hour flights in under 3 hours. Imagine the amount of productivity we will achieve. The future awaits..... twitter.com/cnn/status/128…

iPhone : Philippine Congress Officially Shuts Down Leading Broadcaster - The New York Times nytimes.com/2020/07/10/wor…

iPhone : ⁦Faseeh Mangi⁩ but we are seeing a decline in cases, so how is this coming about?

Oxygen Shortage Newest Crisis in Pakistan After Packed Hospitals bloomberg.com/news/articles/…

iPhone : The more u allow ur mind to take in, the more u allow ur heart to open up, the more you read, learn & are open to listening to opposing ideas & thoughts...the more you improve your life, your purpose of existence & get closer to contentment. Wish I had understood this earlier.