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Bio Host of The Mike Farwell Show, 9-Noon weekdays on @570News. Play-by-play for Kitchener Rangers hockey, also on @570News. #curecf
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Twitter Web App : I don't know how you still have leftover butter tarts. I've eaten all of mine already... twitter.com/lisadrewradio/…

iPhone : So...any thoughts on last nights debate? Well talk about it. Well also talk about Orange Shirt Day, electoral reform, and ask Brian Bourke to help us reenact last nights debate! Were on 570 NEWS - Kitchener at 9:00.

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Twitter Web App : Attend the first in a series of virtual forums about Affordable Housing & Homelessness. KWCF is working w/ community partners to share information and insights about Affordable Housing in Waterloo Region. The first session is Oct 1, 2020 at 1:00 pm. event.webinarjam.com/register/65/vo…

Twitter Web App : Rush Limbro I remain open to being surprised. Somehow, I doubt I will be. I don't think what we're seeing in Cambridge (and elsewhere) are problems that can be "policed" away. It's far deeper than that.

iPhone : In my humble opinion, this debate didn’t move the needle for anyone. So the question is — why bother. This was an embarrassment — for democracy, for America, and the the citizens of the once shining city on the hill.

iPhone : So you agree to the ground rules for a debate, and then you don't follow the ground rules for the debate that you agreed to. Clearly, President Trump is approaching this debate like he approaches the US tax code.

iPhone : Now Trump is debating the moderator. Just wild stuff. "I'm the best debater to ever have debated! I've debated everyone!"

iPhone : "Yeah, but he's interrupting, too!" Ladies and gentlemen, your candidates for president of the United States. Good luck, America.

iPhone : Interrupting about as much as the candidates, and being ignored as much as the candidates ignore each other. twitter.com/tvpattibrant/s…

iPhone : What he said. Actually - what he said - and let’s remove the security guards, add more outreach workers, provide housing with supports, a guaranteed income, and watch things really improve for all of us in town. twitter.com/robdeutschmann…