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Twitter for iPad : Rob Powell Concerns about data processing has stopped them employing Dido Harding who oversaw one of the biggest personal data leaks in history when she was Talk Talk CEO

Nor to trouble themselves about giving Serco a T &T contract, despite being fined multi million £ for contract breaches

Twitter for iPad : Rob Powell This is total bullshit. And they know it.

They know that’ll all councils are registered as data controllers AND that processing of data in the interests of public health (epidemics and pandemics getting a special mention) (photo 1 and 2, ICO , photo 3 from the Regs)

Twitter for iPad : Darren Grimes, hosted by Lance Forman’s son Ollie Anisfeld (also Turning point UK).…

Twitter for iPad : We need to make damn sure that this can’t happen! I don’t believe he is just going to walk away. Is this or something like this possible?…

Twitter for iPad : Ed Davey MP 🔶🇪🇺 Ridiculous press ups!!..+ so much more buffoonery! Eg embarrassing zip wire stunt- got stuck on it waving platic flags!
BUT can't show respect, solidarity & symobolic gesture of support for important anti-racism campaign🤔😭No different to #ClapForTheNHS🙄…

Twitter for iPad : I agree wholeheartedly with this thread.

It applies to hundreds of MPs currently in Parliament too. Going along or not making too much of a fuss. Shamefully includes the opposition.…

Twitter for iPad : See, Ive been a working class lad from an isolated, impoverished area who went to an overstretched underfunded state school my whole life, and Ive never once publicly idolised a massive racist.

Am I doing it wrong?

Twitter for iPad : Excellent overview of the literature on PIMS (MIS-C). Rare but important adverse response to COVID in children.

As second waves or surges occur around the world healthcare professionals need to be alert. BAME children particularly at risk..…

Twitter for iPad : Faisal Islam Unsuitable Low flying satellites unsuitable for the required job chosen by “mugs-r-us” low flying intellect Government.

We have already invested £1.2billion in Galileo..that does the required job.