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Twitter for iPad : The more you know...

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Twitter for iPad : FBI had Hunter Biden's laptop for almost a year! OUTRAGEOUS that NOTHING had been done with it.…

Twitter for iPad : A vote for #CreepyUncle Joe Biden and #Kneeling Kamala Harris is a vote to decimate the military like we saw with #nObummer. Dont let this happen to those who gave the Last Full Measure and those currently serving!

RTd if you are voting for Donald J. Trump! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Twitter for iPad : Dear ABC News CBS News CNN MSNBC NBC News by ignoring the Biden family pay for play & money laundering scandal 🇺🇸 thanks you for confirming what all of us with a shred of common sense already know. That you are all nothing but a State Run Propaganda Machine for the Democrat Party.

Twitter for iPad : You brainwashed, mind controlled necompoops can't think for yourselves. It's mind boggling that you'll take your state controlled medias word on anything, our our corporate/state controled legacy media. Seriously they just tell you what to think. No research skills - 0. Morons…

Twitter for iPad : BREAKING: ANTIFA man in Times Square NYC sucker-punches MAGA/Trump supporter in the head—faces instant justice.

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