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Twitter Web App : I will take comfort in a lower rate of death because that means that we are doing a better job of handling this virus.

I am not sure how the death rate being lower can be construed in a negative light, but, let’s be happy for small victories in this fight!…

Twitter Web App : Crazy thought: You know what’s going to lead to more bad shootings that should never happen? Inexperienced cops and lower application standards to fill the void created by those with experience who rightfully want to retire and not risk it all to do a thankless job anymore.…

Twitter Web App : April, 2020: My colleagues and I calculated the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of COVID-19 to be substantially below 1%.

People said that our estimate was absurd.

July, 2020: The consensus is that the IFR is actually “about 0.6%.”
-Chief Scientist, WHO…

Twitter Web App : A Maryland county that offers illegal immigrants sanctuary keeps releasing dangerous criminals from jail to shield them from federal authorities, most recently a man from El Salvador who raped a seven-year-old girl multiple times. Read:

Twitter Web App : Jeffrey Montrel Wilson, 30, was arrested by Special Deputy U.S. Marshal Joseph Frye in Paris, TN. on charges of sexual battery and rape of a child:

Twitter Web App : Only in Washington, DC.

Americans are so tired of constant fights.

The Democrats have done nothing but attack the outsider trying to fix Washington. The insiders want to keep the system.…