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Prof @unibirmingham; Hon Prof @ANU_Law. Law, feminism, counterterrorism, politics. She/her.

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iPhone : I don’t know the right answers to the challenges many unis face, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t angry and hurt. Anywhere with a bit of financial flexibility should see this as prime poaching time in ‘elite’ UKHE. Lots of exceptional people easily tempted ATM.

iPhone : Ordinarily there are lots of things that make it a really great job: inspiring interactions w students, affirming talks w colleagues, travel (for those who can travel easily), flexibility, & sabbaticals to recover & refocus on writing. Without those the job is relentless for many

iPhone : It’s been a very hard and disappointing day for lots of my colleagues. This is a gruelling job. It can look, I don’t know, luxurious (?) from the outside sometimes but university teaching is exhausting and depleting; even more so on days like this.

Twitter Web App : A word from the Queen: Toni Morrison

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Twitter Web App : Ntina Tzouvala Oh oh and for excellent cocktails Bar Rochford and White Rabbit are great, New Acton South is also a great place to live but pricey, and The Cupping Room is the best coffee in town.

Twitter Web App : Ntina Tzouvala Get a membership to the National Gallery because their events are amazing, weekends head to Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets for shopping, stay as far away from the Canberra Centre as humanly possible, and never miss Wednesday morning tea! Basically: Canberra & ANU are ace :)

Twitter Web App : Ntina Tzouvala If you drive out to wine country don't miss visiting Helm's winery (Mr Helm is amazing company) and get some of their Riesling, always drink the Clonakilla at ANU receptions, The Botanical Gardens are really close to ANU but very quiet and the cafe is lovely (amazing cakes)

Twitter Web App : Ntina Tzouvala Canberra: National Portrait Gallery is vastly underrated, get an apartment on/near Lonsdale if you can, Melbourne and Sydney Buildings are super, Smiths Alternative has the best gigs, 86 on Lonsdale does amazing fried chicken, Bistro Nguyen does excellent Vietnamese food

Twitter Web App : One almost hopes Theresa May is keeping herself mildly drunk at all times to deal with the sheer stinking double standard of it all.

Twitter Web App : Johnson is weak (hence DC still in post), but his Cabinet is just as weak. How they have not risen up in revolt at this carnival is beyond me. How little respect for themselves, their constituents and the constitutional principle of accountability they all have.…

Twitter Web App : "We endure [lockdown] individually because we understand ourselves to be also enduring [it] collectively. Cummings’ actions...strip [that] Johnson’s defence of [him] the only value is the individual “instinct” of the members of the ruling caste"…