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iPhone : Raya has become one of my favorite princesses.

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iPhone : This one might be one of my favorite Disney shorts

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Twitter Web App : Before I can take care of any problem in my life, I need a moment alone. The size of the problem affects the time I need alone. I've learned to silence everything for a moment around me when it comes to smaller problems. Big problems need mental & physical isolation.

Twitter Web App : "Teacher-parent meetings, wives get googly-eyed
Regardless of what they husbands do to provide"

What's this guys problem?!?! 😂

Twitter Web App : Drake (2009 - 2021) has the greatest 12 year rapper run of all time.

Twitter Web App : I love the slick Kanye disses.

"I probably should go link w Yeezy, I need me some Jesus
But soon as I started confessin my sins, he wouldn't believe us"

The "sins" is an implication & the "he" is misleading.

Twitter Web App : I won't spoil anything on WandaVision but......

Wanda in them sweats?