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Bio An original FE board game ft.100+ artists.
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Twitter Web App : Designer Ming here!

The first teaser trailer for my first publishing deal is here!!!


So polished ahhhh

Please go support this, I want to become a full time game designer, and this would be the first step to being able to do so!!…

Twitter Web App : WIP of an illustration Im doing for Annas Roundtable! It will be printed on a TCG playmat as a preorder bonus 😄
#FireEmblem #fe3h #ThreeHouses

Twitter Web App : happy to share my piece for Annas Roundtable! I got to draw Fomortiis the Demon King as a boss card, which was just so much fun!

Pre-orders are currently open, please check out this incredibly cool project!

Twitter Web App : The Trickster does not possess any supernatural powers, but he is a master of deception and sleight of hand. A fight with the Trickster becomes a contest of brains, not brawn.


Twitter Web App : DJs magical turntables imbue her emotions into the sound waves they emit. It can make her listeners experience super natural euphoria, or when in combat, put her opponents into pain and chaos as the sound waves shake them to their very core.


iPhone : Got around to playing the Persona 5 boardgame again by Tired Ming with some upgraded bling. Definitely on my top 10 solo boardgame list.

iPhone : ❗️🐠 Due to popular demand, we have decided to extend preorders until July 26th!

Thank you again for all of the support you've shown us; please dm us if you have any questions or concerns! 🧡

(Note that the giveaway still ends July 19th!)…

Twitter Web App : Fire Emblem D&D!!!!!!

If anyone has a D&D group and would be interested in playtesting my FE D&D 5e supplement

join my discord -> role-assignment channel -> give yourself the D&D Bros role

levels 1-6 player options will be ready soon for beta reading

iPhone : Honestly this is gorgeous. Cards made by over 100+ artists? Custom meeples? Plastic cards? What are you doing go check it out it’s worth it.…

Twitter Web App : 🔱Commissions are open!🔱

Okay so I’m a year older this month and I feel like my art went through some changes over the course of the year so I’ve decided to remake the whole commission sheet.🤗

Thank you so much for supporting me #artistsontwitter #artph