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Twitter Web App : X-Men Daily! Exhibit A)

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iPhone : Hes using the American military against the American people.

He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets.

For a photo.

For our children, for the very soul of our country, we must defeat him. But I mean it when I say this: we can only do it together. twitter.com/nprpolitics/st…

Facebook : Civ4 fans - kcd_swede is retiring as a GOTM mapmaker. His last game is playing as Vikings, monarch level. Running... fb.me/8E023R6cd

Android : I was lucky to grow up with the mom I did but this friend of mine has a toxic narcissist for a mom and she sent me this meme and said “see, this is why people with crap moms are so fucked up.” Makes sense.

Twitter Web App : How about this: one of the protesters assaulted by Barr’s order to gas the protesters as they exercised their constitutionally protected 1st Amendment rights should report the assault to MPD (a LE agency NOT under Barr’s control) and MPD can seek an arrest warrant for Bill Barr. twitter.com/senwarren/stat…

Android : SafetyPin-Daily Please take a moment to watch and retweet this

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Android : Folks - I know many of you following me are critical of guns… we should continue fighting for sensible reform. BUT we also need to be armed to protect ourselves & our families.

I fear many on the left are in denial of where this is heading & how it could play out. twitter.com/newsweek/statu…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Never in my entire life have I ever imagined that the US military would be sent to dominate American citizens in our own neighborhoods and streets. This is like a cheesy Hollywood movie except it’s real life. In fact, Hollywood is under military occupation.

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