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Bio Professor of Psychology @UCDavis. (Psycho)linguist, feminist, social democrat, runner. Portuguese Canadian Californian. She/her.
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Twitter for iPad : UC Davis has a program for students interested in going to graduate school but who want to take a gap year to work as a technician. They get paid full time technician salary and get lots of career development and grad school application help. prep.ucdavis.edu

Twitter Web App : Our heritage languages are irreplaceable. If you're interested in efforts to maintain or reclaim them by various communities in and around Calgary, please join me next Friday for a talk and roundtable. Registration is free and open to all. events.ucalgary.ca/arts/languages…

iPhone : Join us online via zoom tomorrow Thurs 21 Jan 10am CET Amsterdam time for a 2 hours session on how learning to read changes mind & brain, with 3 awesome experts: Tânia Fernandes (Lisbon), Régine Kolinsky (Brussels) and Alexis Hervais-Adelman (Zurich) twitter.com/ozyurek_a/stat…

Twitter for iPad : Woke up to the most beautiful image I’ve seen in the last four years. twitter.com/jenniferjjacob…

Twitter for iPad : Gordon Pennycook Paid all because I did my undergrad at a Canadian uni back when tuition + fees were low and I worked a summer job at union wages that covered costs. Yup, I’m old. 😊 Also received some scholarships and bursaries.

Twitter for iPad : Tal Linzen Absolutely agree! We also can make sure to accurately describe the high skill level required for many of the tasks our RAs do for us.

Twitter for iPad : Also, pay for RAs and other lab staff must come from official accounts based either on start-up funds or grants. At least in my university system, I can’t use part of my university salary to pay lab staff (can divert summer salary, however).

Twitter for iPad : When minimum wage goes up, as it should (and to more than $15/hr), HR will adjust the pay scale accordingly. I will happily do as I’m told with respect to wages and salaries.

Twitter for iPad : The discussion about university RAs and $15/hr: In the U of California system, for ex, PIs don’t decide rates; we provide job description which HR categorizes and uses to set pay rate. Pay should not be based on PI benevolence but on collective bargaining and official pay scales.

Twitter for iPad : Lauren No Chill Ackerman I think when this is over we’ll marvel at what we managed to survive. The combination of Covid, our leaders’ indifference and incompetence, and displays of overt racism, anti-Semitism, and fascism have pushed us to the limit. That we’re even here is a testament to our resilience.