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tired, but dont confuse that with complacent. Humanist.
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iPhone : Since this tweet from @presssec 5 days ago the United States has surpassed Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Singapore,Sweden, and Austria.…

iPhone : Facts:
US has ~ 8.9 x the population of Canada. As of today, US has ~ 537,000 coronavirus cases and ~ 21,400 deaths. Canada has ~ 24,000 cases and 674 deaths. That is ~ 25x more cases in the US and ~ 36x more deaths. And these are rising daily. Have a seat and pay attention.…

iPhone : 40 years ago today, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope. He would go on to run 5,373 km in 143 days, raising funds and awareness for cancer research that still continues to this day. Foxs legacy reminds us that a courageous person can change the world

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iPhone : Remember when Canada took in stranded US planes on 9/11, sent troops to die alongside US soldiers in Afghanistan, sent help to New Orleans after Katrina? Because Donald Trump clearly doesn't.…

iPhone : A friendly (but not quite so friendly as it was before) reminder to those Americans who thinks its perfectly reasonable to stop 3M from shipping face masks to Canada - that the raw materials to make your masks come from... Canada.…

iPhone : Hi, I'm a reporter: Are you a landlord whose tenants missed rent, and so you're now trying to figure out how to evict them this month? If so, please get in touch. It's not for a story, I just want to beat your ass

iPhone : #cdnpoli

Dr. Anthony Fauchi, a respected immunologist Trump has taken to having at his side during COVID-19 press conferences, comes across as very qualified. What does he really think of Trump? Heres the answer:

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iPhone : These are challenging times, and we’d like to do what we can to help. This month, we’re offering a completely free one-year subscription to Balance to anyone who wants it.

Email for instructions — and please share with others who might benefit.

iPhone : Here in British Columbia we are self isolating. Closed the border etc. Where are you? Have you been asked to self isolate? What’s going on where you live? #COVID19

iPhone : Let’s all take a break from the headlines for a moment and breathe in some beauty. Oh Canada! #ExploreKamloops #Kamloops #travel
Tourism Kamloops Terri Axani

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