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iPhone : So here’s what happened today. The NYPD arrested me at 96th Street and West Side Highway while I was taking photos and video to post to Twitter. I told the police I was with the Press, they walked by me and then turned around and arrested me.

iPhone : Retweet this as much as possible until we can identify this white supremacist dirty cop & get him fired!…

iPhone : I’m hit in the leg by a rubber bullet but am fine. State Police supported by National guard fired unprovoked into an entirely peaceful rally

iPhone : This was beautiful ... absolutely beautiful

This thing went sideways once the cops tried to stop the march from getting into Beverly Hills going west of Fairfax and 3rd

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iPhone : Trump threatened protestors in front of WH that he would call out vicious dogs & ominous weapons. Trump’s the most VICIOUS DOG we know &
we’re not afraid of him! He’s dog whistling to white supremacists that he’ll save them from black people. We all need to be saved from Trump!

Twitter for iPad : Incredible scene at Colorado’s Capitol right now. Thousands of protesters are lying face down with their hands behind their backs chanting “I can’t breathe.” They’re doing this for 9 mins. #copolitics #denverprotest #GeorgeFloyd

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