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Bio High school science/chem & math teacher trying out the Flipped Classroom. FLGI Founding International Faculty member. Proud geek, Christian, mother, and more...
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TweetDeck : ET again: pedagogically I’m also happy to have learned about using a type of “hyperdoc” to organize students’ access to all needed materials for a lesson (instructional video, practice set, answer key, etc.). Thanks to all #flipclass folk who inspired that. #FlipClassChat

TweetDeck : Exit Ticket: I think I’m learning more gratitude? & also to treasure all the little informal interactions I have w/ppl b/c I’m missing them now that almost all interaction is purpose-driven (zoom meetings, workouts, trivia…missing chitchat despite introversion). #flipclasschat

TweetDeck : A4: A Flipped Mastery approach will be really helpful for next yr given learning gaps some Ss will have from interrupted prereq courses (gaps other Ss won’t have). I need to think very intentionally about how to manage this (hence nerdy curriculum standard focus). #flipclasschat

TweetDeck : If you have some great ideas you want to share. Something that worked for you meeting students needs? We would love to have you as a presenter as well. the folks that follow #flipclasschat and #flipclass are some of the most creative people…

TweetDeck : Oh also after I drive away from school for the last time for a school yr I go get myself a special meal, often reading a book while I eat in the restaurant by myself (it was matthew moore ’s DIBs book one yr). Can still do the special meal by take-out picnic :(? #flipclasschat

TweetDeck : We are trying to offer free training in skills that will help teachers meet the needs of whatever form next year takes. #flipclass #flipclasschat
You can help us shape what this looks like by telling us what you need…

TweetDeck : matthew moore Yeah I have to say figuring out how to better “do community” online (& have the rel’nships that drive accountability) is also going to be super important for me assuming there is either an all-digital or hybrid approach taken here in the fall. #flipclasschat

TweetDeck : A2 Oh, also some colleagues and I have been doing a challenge to run or walk or whatever 75 km in May and I’m almost done that and will push for 100 km #flipclasschat

TweetDeck : A2 haven’t formalized anything but I should make a s.m.a.r.t. goal about how to improve my jiu jitsu — & how to keep myself in / get back to jiu jitsu shape given that I can’t train with a “real” partner right now (hubby doesn’t train but can help some) #flipclasschat

TweetDeck : matthew moore A1: I recharge in the summer by sleeping, getting more active (more jiu jitsu classes; doing some running that I don’t normally do; I keep saying this but I think this is the summer I’ll finally learn to ride a bike), getting outside more, reading more #flipclasschat