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Android : you’re telling me we’ve sacrificed plastic straws for these selfish bastards and this is how they repay us…

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Android : Well done for getting through the first week of exams. Try to forget about any papers that didn't go so well and try to give yourself some time this weekend to relax. Have a great weekend.

Android : #AQAEnglishlit did anyone else hear about the leaked macbeth and a christmas carol question? My school went berserk however glad i revised that!

Android : me learning the heart all night only so aqa can give us a labelled diagram of it

#gcsebiology #gcse2019 #GCSE

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Android : By the age of 35, every woman should:

- be walking around the house saying, “Why is every single light on? Do I look like I’m made of money? Open a curtain for once, will you?”
- wonder aloud why this room that she just tidied is messy again
- have developed a library of sighs

Android : We’re proud to mark #TransDayOfVisibility to celebrate the courage of trans people all over the world who face extraordinary challenges daily. We’ll always do our utmost to ensure London remains welcoming and safe for trans people. #TDOV #TransVisibilityDay #TDOV2019 #TDOV19