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iPhone : “Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel.”

There is an overwhelming sense among patriots that we are reaching a crescendo of the battle on Earth between good and evil. The serpent represents that which is false, and it will be crushed by the power of truth.

iPhone : GEORGIA.🚨

GA Gov. Kemp is calling on Sec. of State Raffensperger to call for a *SIGNATURE AUDIT* of votes.

Kemp appeared on The Ingraham Angle in the wake of damning security cam footage that showed poll workers in Fulton County illegally processing ballots with no observers.

iPhone : We’re finding out who’s loyal right now.

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iPhone : If I were the GOV of Georgia after hearing his citizens present testimony today I would stop all engines & decertify the election, conduct a complete and detailed audit of everything (not a fake recount) of ballots as well as the dominion machines immediately. But that’s just me.

iPhone : Tomorrow on the MG Show we will have a true American Patriot on the show, General Flynn.

12:05pm east.

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iPhone : 🚨In this exclusive interview with Gen. Flynn we cover Barack Obama’s bizarre fascination with Gen. Flynn, Flynn’s battles to fix the intell community, the 2015 CIS dinner where Lokhova was present, & the real reason Comey targeted Flynn.
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iPhone : WOAHHH Huge whistle blower video dropping tomorrow morning. YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS...👀👀👀 This could FLIP THE ELECTION😱😱😱

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