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Twitter for iPad : From the ridiculous to the real. Now THIS is quite the movie! Every time I watch it I am humbled and awed by the sacrifices made by those who came before us to keep our freedom. God bless all who have ever served in whatever capacity.

Twitter for iPad : Battleship! An absurd and ridiculously fun movie. Especially for the 4th of July. On TNT. Especially the part with the U.S.S. Missouri. Some great cast too.

Twitter for iPad : Last watch has the conn.

Goodnight everyone. Have a good weekend. LLAP 🖖🏻😴


Twitter for iPad : Bærry 🐻 Shows a horrible vulnerability in almost all Starfleet ships. Should’ve been in the center of the ship surrounded by armor plating and closable bulkheads.

#AllStarTrek #ENT #Twlight

Twitter for iPad : Tactically maybe not the best decision by T’Pol but it was a difficult situation.

#AllStarTrek #ENT #Twlight

Twitter for iPad : T’Pol’s hair looked really nice in this one. Not that it didn’t look nice short too.

#AllStarTrek #ENT #Twlight