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Twitter Web App : Wells P "any potential intoxicants"....huh. i'd imagine if they did an autopsy, they could test for intoxicants and you'd either have a positive test or not to confirm. tossing "potential intoxicants" into this statement only serves one purpose here...

Twitter Web App : i haven't even listened to this yet and know it's going to be wonderful. twitter.com/ZachLowe_NBA/s…

Twitter Web App : Gordon Gartrelle it's more fun that way, imo. i'm not a halloween person at all -- my wife is, though, so i have to be a little bit by default. but i do enjoy being a random person and then having folks finally realize who the hell i am.

iPhone : Ryan Drury i don’t think so? i do know this was the year he hit like 6 or 7 game winners/go ahead shots in the final seconds. this was the same year as the banked in shot over wade vs. the heat & that 3 to beat the kings after setting a back pick on the left sideline.

Twitter Web App : i'll always laugh when one of the bucks' announcers says "miss it!" when after kobe shoots. twitter.com/Lakers/status/…