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Twitter for iPad : Speaking of ‘the world’s best,’ these old-style original sugar donuts are from the Whitney Pier Market and the secret bakery inside to the left behind the rolling bread racks.
Can’t eat just two...

Twitter for iPad : No one in the world can match these fine folks for thier
kielbasa and polish sausage. Don’t worry still available in the grocery stores.

Horyl’s Family Deli in River Ryan permanently closed in response to COVID-19 | Cape Breton Post…

Twitter for iPad : Martin Wallace I second that. Area Man is a true beacon in the night fighting against injustices everywhere. He needs a costume next. Maybe some creative one can design it.

Twitter for iPad : kung fu benny I watched all BCS over the years and started BB over the pandemic. 6 episodes and the movie to go. No spoilers. Many parallels, but different shows. Mike E. is one of the more amazing TV characters ever.

An equally terrific unrelated show is Justified with that Wynne Duffy guy

Twitter for iPad : What kinda name is Mr Pink. Why did I have to be Mr. Pink.

Great story-interview here of a cool actor.

The Remaking of Steve Buscemi… via @gqmagazine

Twitter for iPad : All hail Sydney Academy!
Nobel effort: Sydney-born physicist helps design COVID-19 ventilators | Cape Breton Post…

Twitter for iPad : Alas, the bigger problem arises.

“was not forthcoming about their reasons for travel upon returning to New Brunswick and they did not self-isolate”

At least 150 people had contact with COVID-positive medical professional in Campbellton region | CBC News…

Twitter for iPad : Bill C I think so. The amount of earth being moved around up there is amazing. Giant job from the very top to the hairpin at the bottom.

Twitter for iPad : Smokey Mtn roadwork rocks! Can’t wait to cycle down this in 2021 or whenever it’s finished. Humongous job. ⁦Bill C⁩ Just for you due to popular request.

Twitter for iPad : Been there, down that, a few years ago. 100 plus Kms, dead last one back and I ate two huge lobsters in a giant tent! And yeah, proud of that ride! It’s a mini Cabot Trail down there, who knew eh! 2021 is no time!…

Twitter for iPad : Did you see that! Ryan MacDonald Franey is back! Can’t keep a good mountain down.

“Inside the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, all lookoffs will be open, but trail access will be limited to Franey, Fresh Water Lake, Clyburn, Broad Cove Mountain, Jack Pine and Jigging Cove.”…

Twitter for iPad : Wow. These students are fantastic people and it has been wonderful teaching so many of them the past three years. They will change CB for the better in the long run. No doubt.…

Twitter for iPad : Chris Power Great thread and comments by others.
Got me thinking of George V Higgins thoughts on writers

“The received image of a writer is that of an unproductive sensitive who suffers from the vapors, is enslaved by his gonads, falls victim to romantic swoons and passes out at deadlines”

Twitter for iPad : Denis deserves to be more well known. Slip between the cracks kind of author, The Name of the World is an interesting one. Your tweets have me wanting to read more of him. RIP DJ.…