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Android : La producción completa se encuentra en: How the pandemic has changed education, por Allison Collins y Austin Steele, CNN.…

Twitter Web App : astro_stuff I love this guy – Ive been trying to think of how to say this for weeks, but could never have made the point as succinctly as he does. Thanks for sharing.

iPhone : See Tickets Hi there, I’ve bought two standing tickets for HYUKOH in Roundhouse London,but can I ask whether these tickets are Level 1 standing? My order reference is 61100687

iPhone : I used to have so much fun jailbreaking my iPod Touch and then showing my friends what weird stuff I could do with it. In middle school I was one of the kids to go to when you wanted to jailbreak your iPhone or flash a custom rom on your Android haha…

Android : 把商业经典案例课续上再学。那些硅谷昔日名震天下的名字,不过几个月之间,真是唏嘘。

iPhone : Nope. You want the $200/hr engineer not the $20/hr one. Whether in bay area or Bangladesh doesnt matter the person charging $200 USD is your hire. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasnt spent weekends of their lives fixing work done poorly. Dont worry youll get there eventually.…

iPhone : When you have unique insights and perspectives on an industry, being loud about them may earn you a following...

but going heads down allows you to embed yourself in revenue generating activities.

Doing the work is always better.

Twitter Web App : A very basic but i thought powerful image. this is a simple google trends graph for searches for unemployment benefits over the last 5years globally, theres nothing groundbreaking here but the scale of the spike at the end of March is truly staggering and terrifying.

iPhone : Seeing a few folks try to recreate Clubhouse but the app itself is not the hard thing to recreate—its the community thats hard.