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iPhone : Shout out to all of the Black MLS players who have been leading this fight in the league. Even if it means being booed by their own fans.…

iPhone : The utter cynicism of quoting Frederick Douglass to oppose actions that specifically deal with the deleterious impacts of the legacy of slavery is why the lumping of all non-white people into the catchall POC category has harmed Black justice efforts.…

Twitter Web App : I have literally thought more about how to rhetorically defend myself should Tom Cotton introduce legislation returning me to a state of bondage (there's a non-zero chance of that), than Vice President Mike Pence has thought about running against Kamala Harris.

Twitter Web App : Today's proof that black women are unseen comes from the fact that Kamala Harris is a Senator from the nation's most populated state, and been the VP frontrunner for months, but this week was apparently the first time the GOP thought about how to run against her.

Twitter Web App : The debate is October 7, and I have to agree that his best strategy is being SO bad at it that it just completely throws her off her game.…

Twitter Web App : Just when I managed to forget the entire golden shower episode of this fiasco.…

Twitter Web App : Reporter: Do you regret all of the lying that you have done to the American people?

President Trump: What?

Reporter: Do you regret all of the lying that you have done to the American people?


Then, President Trump doesn't answer and moves on to the next reporter.