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iPhone : 🌙✨THE DARK TIDE is officially out in the US today!! 2020’s been a really rough year to debut but i love my dark witchy, sapphic enemies-to-lovers fairytale & hope you all will too🖤

buy links: aliciajasinska.com/books/

Twitter Web App : reminder that trigger warnings are NOT spoilers but are very important information to include in books to protect and prioritise the mental health of readers... it's SO important to have TWs listed clearly & early on in ANY distributed book.

Twitter Web App : ISO The Queen's Rising item from July Fairyloot! If anyone doesn't want it, I'll buy or trade something for it~

Twitter Web App : One of the best things OverDrive Libraries did was the "Deliver Later" feature.

If I know I'm not going to read this book for at least 4 days, I'm happy to let someone who CAN read it read it first, while still keeping me first in line after those 4 days are up.

Twitter Web App : We are so excited to announce our tour of Among the Beasts & Briars by Ashley Poston ✨ ✨ Sign ups will be sent to email subscribers tomorrow and general sign up will be posted on Wednesday! #AmongTheBeastsTour

Twitter Web App : My name is George Matthew Johnson
I identify as nonbinary & queer

Going forward my pronouns are
They/them. If you know me, you know I’ve always been this.

I have no expectations that folk will get it overnight bc it took me 34 years. I do expect folks to respect it 💗💗💗

Twitter Web App : If you participated in Transathon PLEASE fill in the form in my bio. Each book you read counts as 1 giveaway entry and some people haven't filled in the form and therefore might miss out on the giveaway!

iPhone : I've looked at my pre-orders of #MidnightSun & calculated how much I can/will donate to the Quileute Tribe's Move to Higher Ground funds, which are used to help preserve the tribe's culture, traditions, & more. I encourage all #Twilight fans to donate.

iPhone : GIVEAWAY TIME! Were giving away TWO preorders of a book by an author of colour! To enter:

- Follow our account
- Retweet this tweet

Extra entry:
- Let us know what book you want in the comments!
- Tag two friends in your comment!

Open intl if Book Depository ships to you!

Twitter Web App : USPS has been hit p hard by COVID - it’s the only postal service that delivers to every single address that does not hit you with a surcharge

They haven’t received any taxpayer funds since 1982 & runs mainly off the sale of stamps.

Here’s some ways you can support USPS:

Twitter Web App : “Pets lower your blood pressure”

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Twitter Web App : As an audiobook narrator, I frequently have to pronounce names that are unfamiliar to me. Here are some steps I take to make sure that I'm getting them right.

1. I ask the author for a pronunciation guide. Ideally it is print and recorded.

Twitter Web App : Q: What was the last book you read that was told in verse or poetry? 🦩 The Black Flamingo is told in verse and I absolutely loved this one, especially as an audiobook.

I had eagerly been awaiting my #audiobook hold… instagram.com/p/CDR8Rz_A92N/…