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Twitter Web App : Tacha is the real deal
No Tacha no reunion 🤣🤣🤣

Twitter Web App : #IgweTacha is back on the trend list. #TachaisNeverWrong is in the top 10 but bbn is no where to be seen 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Yesterday that it was all about Tacha. Tacha and bbn trended less than 5 mins into the show. 😂 I will be bigger than the show isn't a lie abeg 😂😂

Twitter Web App : INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!📌📌
#IgweTacha #TachaIsNeverWrong

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Twitter Web App : Is it that isilo wasn't invited to this reunion? Even if for one day. Every time. They call her.

Twitter Web App : Tacha isn't there to carry their show on her back as usual. So of course their show and their tags aren't trending. Meanwhile #TachaIsNeverWrong is trending steady irrespective of football twitter. Bbn needs to kiss Tacha's feet everyday for all she does for them.

Twitter Web App : When someone tries to say bad things bout Tacha to titans with or without receipts.


Twitter Web App : So these are the reasons why this reunion would last forever? Discussing parties and dancing? Even the ones that were sticks are talking, the ones that stayed 2 weeks in the house join too.

Twitter Web App : If someone can open her mouth and say she is manipulative what then can she not do🙄🙄.Thank God for Receipts😂😂🙏🙄#PowerTachaIsBack #IgweTacha

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Twitter Web App : It will shock them. Titans x Tacha will be the end of this scam show. They messed with the wrong people. We'll so discredit this their scripted show till it will have no meaning. I just wish that all titans will come to agreement never 2 vote with their money. #TachaIsNeverWrong

Twitter Web App : Anyone that has a secret of Tacha that feels she can spill, biko spill,we humans have our own dark secrets,the fact u are privilege to know about a persons secret,does not qualify u to be a god to that person,to hell with u.

Twitter Web App : Hey my Titan family, look who just entered twitter😂. So after Tachas First Daughter 🔱🇳🇬 pressured me to change my level from fb Titan to Twitter Titan, cos my Gbas Gbos dey come with fire, I decided to join the family here❤🔱. I'm really excited guys, hope i'm welcome?

Twitter Web App : Listen Titans soon I will be deir source of Attack but amnot goin anywia. If anybody cums 2 ur DM& tell u Tacha,Sojarex,Eugene,Duke or d person says sum titans r mad.pls call d person out.Dey ve already open secretWhatsApp groups 2 add members 4rm titans grp.

Twitter Web App : Maya Tricia Even if she is angry does she have to threaten her with secret.. like you and your friend had a misunderstanding and the next is revealing secret? How childish

Twitter Web App : Fraud wasnt tagged on this post👇but ran to kikiki because Tachas business was involved🤦‍♀️ #PowerTachaIsBack bbn aside, this housemates are evil, jealous and wicked👌Tacha should avoid them. Sold out geng for life