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Hootsuite Inc. : On International Day of People with Disabilities, author Yousra Samir Imran explains what it was like to be diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Hootsuite Inc. : Using genderless, cyber animations of themself, Malikiscrycry injects playful influencers they use in their performance art into their new fashion line

Hootsuite Inc. : Start paying attention to We Are Who We Are’s breakout star Jordan Kristine Seamó

Hootsuite Inc. : New podcast episode is out and this week we’re catching up with Nikesh Shukla💥

Writer, editor, mentor and also known as gal-dem’s godfather, Nikesh is an important force in the literary world, so we spoke to him about his career so far. Listen here:

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Hootsuite Inc. : Meet the woman serving one million meals to India's sex workers during the pandemic

Hootsuite Inc. : Fish and chips are uniquely British, and so is its hidden migrant history

Hootsuite Inc. : Skepticism around the Covid-19 vaccine from PoC communities reflects a wider issue.

In a previous article, Niellah explores how for Black people, historical suffering at the hands of the medical profession is one of the reasons why

Hootsuite Inc. : Lynette Yiadom-Boakye paints whatever she damn well wants

Hootsuite Inc. : Charlotte Mensah’s ‘Good Hair’ is the afro anthology the UK’s been waiting for

Hootsuite Inc. : "Whether the tears are there or not, on some level the feeling is and that’s what’s important and should be honoured"

Hootsuite Inc. : The current wave of student-led, pro-democracy demonstrations began in early 2020 and has grown into the largest political mobilisation of Thai people in history

Twitter Web App : 3 deportation charter flights are scheduled for next week:

Tues 8 - BE🇧🇪, DE🇩🇪, PL🇵🇱
Wed 9 - FR🇫🇷, ES🇪🇸, PT🇵🇹
Thurs 10 - DE🇩🇪, AT🇦🇹, LT🇱🇹

Home Office is rushing to deport refugees before Dublin III ends Dec 31. Many won't have had proper legal representation.


Hootsuite Inc. : Real stories from the dancefloors of the Lovers Rock era

Hootsuite Inc. : "PLT's giveaways have drowned out the voices of dissent that had been growing louder this year, decrying fast fashion and in particular, the accusations of modern slavery that have dogged PLT’s owners"

Hootsuite Inc. : “Decades of overt silence on the everlasting trauma of colonial violence, economic marginalisation, and insidious Islamophobia have created France’s own boogeyman”

Twitter Web App : 1/ We are waking with heavy hearts & thoughts with the #Jamaica50 families separated last night, but we believe through our collective efforts approx half were not deported. Thank you to everyone who took action, practical not just symbolic solidarity makes a difference.

Hootsuite Inc. : Home Office Stop the Flight tomorrow! Not everyone on that flight is a serious criminal. The families ask you look at the cases individually, give these men access to proper legal representation, and stop this injustice #StopThePlane #Jamaica50 gal-dem BARAC

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Hootsuite Inc. : "How do you market fast fashion, when people are supposedly more opposed to it than ever before? Bribery, apparently."

Our Politics editor Moya Lothian-Mclean weighs in on the insidiousness of PLT's giveaways, especially given their mistreatment of workers