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Twitter Web App : Black women are 5 times more likely to die during childbirth in comparison to white women. There is more than one report on this.

This goes beyond superstition. This is about systemic racism and the lack of care shown to Black people by the healthcare system.

iPhone : “You don’t need to sit at your desk to write everyday to be working on your writing. As writers you invite your characters into your home. Be w/them when you’re washing dishes, watching cnn, in your apartment. Think abt them all the time.” - Nicole Dennis-Benn 1st day wisdoms at #thww

iPhone : Late to the party but I’ve finished reading Samra Habib ‘s queer Muslim memoir in one sitting. Beautifully expressed and written, seamlessly edited. 👏🏽👏🏽The early chapters are taking me straight back to Lahore 🛺 🇵🇰 - along with this little Pakphile shrine. Recommended 👍🏽👍🏽

Twitter Web App : “This culture of silent sacrifices contributes to the erasure of the magnitude of risk in which BAME essential workers have continually placed themselves during the pandemic.”

An important new piece by Manna Mostaghim with illustrations by Luci Pina…

TweetDeck : Are you a group or individual doing covid support work, or in a high-risk group?

Dont forget, we can provide you with a limited stock of free face masks:

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How to wear your mask properly:

Twitter Web App : TODAY 6PM (London) Register for your Free ticket:


A panel of Black community activists from across the UK discuss the realities of Protesting, Policing & Mental Health in the Current Climate

#BAMEcommunities #Covid19UK #blacklivesmatter

Instagram : Oto - a traditional breakfast of choice for brides and birthdays. Mashed yam most commonly with palm oil, onions, dried prawns and topped with a soft or hard boiled egg. Eggs symbolize fertility, the transition to……

Sprout Social : Since the pandemic hit, the NHS have recorded a 60% drop in cancer referrals.

We know its an overwhelming time to visit a doctor, but its more important than ever to follow up with your doctor if you notice changes in your chest.

Find out more here:

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Twitter Web App : UK government’s new fast-track immigration system to exclude care workers, for whom, just days ago, government ministers were clapping for. Government expects people affected by COVID-19 unemployment to pick up the slack.…

Hootsuite Inc. : Loving someone queerplatonically means that they are special to you, and you (want to) make them a priority in your life. There is a shared, sometimes unspoken, language between you.

iPhone : I wrote this piece three years ago for The Guardian & unfortunately still relevant today because of #Covid_19. Many kids on inner-city estates, who have already spent months in lockdown, will now have to endure a long summer without the opportunity to travel.

iPhone : Beautiful poem by Jackie Kay. The last of her Sunday Poems. Her poetry is always as natural as her spoken voice. Ive hugely admired Jackies writing and career since we first met in 1983, I think. #sisterwriter #makarofscotland…