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Android : Just a friendly reminder: Degree given outta pity doesn't hold any value. And if you aren't talented & hustler enough, then you'll surely contribute to India's unemployment rate.
And then don't you dare blame the govt.

Android : Same bunch of students will be spotted at Marine drive the day lockdown is lifted. The unwillingness to give exams and begging for free average calculated marksheet just shows what kinda youth Mumbai has.

Android : शरजील ईमाम के लिए ट्वीट करोगे, कैंपेन चलाओगे और फिर रोते हुए पूछोगे -

"हमारी देशभक्ति पर शक क्यों किया जाता हैं

Twitter Web App : This blog series is dedicated to my Indo-Caribbean community! I hope this reaches ya'll!
#indocaribbean #guyana #suriname #trinidadandtobago #centralamerica #indianhistory #historyathome…

Android : Sources say documentation work underway right now by MEA for declaring them Persona-Non-grata. Both ISI operatives in disguise of being diplomats who have been caught red handed by Delhi Police will be sent back to Pakistan in next 48 hours.

Android : Have fun in present, don't worry what the future holds. Do things which you've always wanted to (even if they're borderline unethical)
Because then later it'll be your past, and when someone brings it up, you can say "DON'T JUDGE ME BY MY PAST"😂

Android : "I regard Marxism as the paradigm of an irrational political belief; if it’s not irrational, nothing is."…