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TweetDeck : We were reporting on the facts as they were presented, at the time, but since we cannot edit an Instagram post, we would rather take it down altogether than add to the xenophobic language.

TweetDeck : We agree & are glad people are raising awareness to this-even if it's pointed at our work. We published the graphic on Jan 30 when the virus & data were limited to the Wuhan region-so it was known as "Wuhan Coronavirus" at that time. Very soon after, it became a global pandemic.…

TweetDeck : Ally Chi AIGA Eye on Design We/Datalands originally published the (original) piece on January 30th when the virus (and virus data) was limited to Wuhan. Most media sources (and WHO) had referred to it as the "Wuhan Coronavirus" at the time. Totally agree with you on why it shouldn't be used-just clarifying

Twitter Web App : But, we were ready. Ready for Datalands to take on the world of data visualization. Ready to help make data exciting & cool. Ready to give it all a new ✨shine ✨.

And here are, one year later, going strong. Things naturally evolve, but the foundation is still there with us.

Twitter Web App : Infographics were a job & we were illustrators at the time, so they didn’t feel as authentic as our illustration work. Plus the 2010 infographic boom kinda left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth (remember those bad longform infographics on every blog hoping to go viral on digg).

Twitter Web App : That’s when the idea of Datalands popped into our heads.

Each of us kinda started our creative careers in/around the world of infographics & dataviz. And because of that, we’d each frequently get infographic projects, but they never seemed very glamorous or exciting.

Twitter Web App : We agreed that we needed purpose-something that was bigger than our work & ideas. How can we offer something of value to people—that's more than our aesthetic(s)? Can we contribute our skills towards other people’s work & ideas? Can we contribute something positive to society?

Twitter Web App : I was ready for a fresh start, but didn’t know if that meant getting a job - continuing illustration - or something else (?). Talking with Leandro Castelao & liz meyer , we all shared the same thoughts. What’s next for us? Because our current situations weren't sustainable.

Twitter Web App : It was right around one year ago today we first began talking about starting Datalands - our design studio.

Here's a little somethin on how it came to be 👇